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How to use great typography to create unforgettable gifts

The internal discussion about what should I offer my boyfriend for his birthday started months before the actual date. That was the first birthday we would celebrate together and it, more or less, coincided with our first anniversary. So, I wanted something special, personal and, preferably, made with my own hands. The problem was that I could not rely on my weak crafting skills to create something that would look original and well made. And then, one sunny morning, I stepped into Kure at downton Brussels and found the solution right before my eyes. Kure is an attainable luxuary multibrand clothing store on Dansaert street that reserves some shelves to great Mr. Wonderful Stationary.

That was where I found this wonderful travel album and decided to make turn it into mix of holiday album and pictorial diary.

imageTravel and holiday album

How to do it

My fist obvious though was to create a photo album, adding some entry tickets or little maps of the places we visited and the trips we made during the last year. However, this chronological order seemed a bit limiting. So I scrapped that idea and, instead, I used the photos at random chronological order in a way that they would narrate little stories based on inside jokes, people we had met or curious things we had seen.

As I kept digging for memories and material, these stories evolved and changed all the time. Therefore, I suggest you keep a list of the things you want to include (from photos to poems and theater tickets to funny dialogues) and then try to curate them in a way that they tell a story (that could be a real or a surreal one).

As you can see in the photos, the process can start with a mess, so you’d better organise yourselves from the start as you wouldn’t like to distroy the album erasing things or tearing up misplaced photos.

imageCreate a photo album

The good thing is that this particular album helps you in that process. It offers a pocket to keep all the treasures and tickets from your trips as well as 8 sheets with 182 stickers for you to decorate your album just the way you like. Besides, every 5 pages or so, it gives you some hints as to how to go on with your story, inviting you to complete sentences such as: I’LL NEVER FORGET WHEN… or HOW WE LAUGHED WHEN…

What will you need

  1. the “Let’s get lost somewhere together” photo album, available at KURE in French and English (I got the French edition)
  2. a pair of scissors to crop any leaflet, piece of paper or other material that would not fit to the 21.5 X 14 cm album
  3. a glue
  4. self-adhesive photo corners (I used the Hoffman transparent corners that came in a box of 500)
  5. the best fit for this kind of album is the 13x9cm format although, if you don’t want to leave space for any text, the 15x10cm would also do. You may also consider to print some custom size photos. I printed some square “post-it” like photos as well as some passport size ones

How much will it cost

  • album: €19.90
  • photo corners: €3.50
  • photo printing: 0.20 for the standard 13×9 format and €1 for every custom size print (I printed them at Corfu Photography in Athens, Greece, so prices may vary)

Good luck if you try it! I hope both you and its receiver enjoy it as much as we did


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