’70s Party

First step: Brainstorming

Last season started with a 70’s party. Although decades are a perhaps too popular theme for parties, I somehow felt that the 70’s would be a more original choice. This decade always seemed to me a bit underestimated stuck, as it is, between the swinging 60’s and the extravagant 80’s. Obviously, I had not predicted that 2015-2016 will be all about ’70s.

In any case, these years offer a very rich variety of fashion and music choices to accommodate the tastes of every guest.

When making ’70s music or costume choices, one can think of disco, soul, funk or even hard rock. These were the times of Saturday Night Fever, of Charlie’s Angels, of Gloria Gaynor and the Bee Gees but also of Ottis Reading and the Led Zeppelin.

70s poster

Some of the guests went for hippie looks, the most glamorous chose white suites with wide peak lapels or golden leotards while others relied on stripes and psychedelic patterns. The most interesting choices were a couple Eastern Bloc styles and, my personal favorite, the retro Adidas tracksuit (party gallery).

Adidas retro tracksuit, great for 70s party

Second step: Logistics & Budget

The good news is that the ’70s are a big Fall/Winter 2015-2016 fashion trend, so your fashion choices are becoming practically unlimited.

'70 inspired dresses that you can find on High Street shops

H&M dress 14,99€

'70s inspired dress ideal for decade theme party

Mango dress 35,99€

We had the party at a bar, so we did not bother with any decorations. As it happened, the bar had already a disco ball. However, if you’re thinking of throwing a 70’s party at home, consider spreading around some iconic ‘70s pieces such as an animal print throw or some orange vintage Tupperware mugs and pitchers (there are plenty on Etsy and are easy to find in Brussels vintage markets (for shops and markets see glitter book)

Retro Folding 70s chair 23,40euros on ebay

Retro Folding 70s chair 23,04€ on ebay


Set of vintage Tupperware mugs 25,07€ on Etsy

How much did it cost?

Renting the venue: 0€

MidPoint Café is a rather elementary bar with the obvious advantage that it is very central and does not charge for booking. It has Wi-Fi connection and offers speakers to which you can connect your own laptop. Call them at least three weeks in advance because they are mostly working with private parties. A good idea would be to pass by some days before the party in order to check that they have indeed noted down your reservation and everything is okay.

My outfit: 32€

Animal print t-shirt: 10€ Galerie Agora

Golden leggings: 2€ Galerie Agora

Afro wig: 20€ Palais des Cotillons

70s party ideas

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