How to revive the original Beverly Hills, 90210 in your living room

The 90’s party

It may not sound that retro yet, still, for us in our ‘30s, the ’90s is definately the decade closest to our hearts. These were the times that we became fashion and music conscious, even if that was through an Ace of Base tape.

What makes the ‘90s a great party theme is that all of the guests can relate to it with common music, TV and fashion references. It is also very likely that many have saved some iconic ‘90s pieces of clothing such as a Levis 501, a plaid shirt, a pair of yellow Timberland or Dr Martens boots. Let alone that during the last couple of years the ‘90s are dynamically back in fashion so many of these articles are available in affordable prices at High Street shops (see 90s fashion trends).

I dedicated my ‘90s party to Beverly Hills, 90210, the TV Show that definitely marked that decade and can work as an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

What to wear

The absolute king and queen of the party were the jean trousers and the plaid shirt. The boys went for a lot of hair gel and the girls opted for scrunchies (see “the scrunchie revival“) and even clip-in bangs (here’s one of the many YouTube tutorials on how to clip fake bangs).


I made sure I had printed quite a few color portraits of the Beverly Hills, 90210 stars so that the guests could use them as masks (see party gallery). One of my friends had discovered and brought some forgotten teen magazines dating from the early ‘90s bringing some of the guests almost to tears. To our delight, inside there were still some posters that we hung on the living room’s walls.

90s detail

How to revive the Beverly Hills 90210 in your own living room

Beverly Hills 90210 themed party ideas

a night at Peach Pit



I love introducing games into my parties. I think it is a great way of breaking the ice, especially if your guests belong to different groups of friends or if you want them to start getting up from their chairs.

This being a ‘90s party, I dug up all the silly teen games we used to play at junior high school. We played a couple of rounds of “Simon says…” and “spin the bottle” but the absolute hit was the “mummy”.

That is a game I remembered I had once played at a children’s party. The players split up in teams, each one choosing one of its members as their own “mummy”. Then, they are given 5 rolls of toilet paper each. The team that will better cover its mummy first wins. Hysterical laughter is guaranteed and a complete mess of your living room is double guaranteed. I suggest you try it. Cleaning up is an unavoidable part of any event anyway.

90's party game ideas

momie mr walsh


Number of guests: 12-15

Food and Drink: around 60€ for some frozen pizzas, salads, chips and 2-3 bottles of wine. The guests brought some more drinks and finger food.

Decorations: 0€ (home prints and discovered ’90s posters)

My Outfit: 0€

90sI searched between my own and my mother’s old clothes and I came up with a high waist pair of jeans, a plain white t-shirt and an oversized plaid shirt. I wore a hair band and a leather cord choker with charm, both authentic ‘90s pieces that had survived multiple spring cleanings.

The Gift

Searching around, I found this ’90s coloring book that work perfectly either as a gift to the friend hosting the ’90s party or, in case you are the host, as a prize of one of your games

90s coloring book

Get the style

High street choices for ‘90s styles (F/W 2015-2016):

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