4 celebrity theme parties and how to copy them with zero budget

When planning a fancy event, celebrity parties are a goto inspiration source. Here are 4 celebrity theme parties you could have hosted yourself!

  1. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Olympics

The twins chose to celebrate their 29th birthday with an outdoors Olympics theme party. Guests were divided between Mary Kate’s Red Team and Ashley’s Blue Team. The party photos do not show us much about what the teams chose to compete in, but you could try anything from best mojito contest to a sack race.

Source: Instagram user bikinikilled

  1. Kate Hudson’s Hot Mess Party

This one is so easy that you practically don’t need to do any budget relate adjustments. Just come up combine your teddy bear pajamas with a tiara and animal print shoes. I just hope you’re friends have don’t arrive like Jessica Alba , meaning just looking beautiful. 80’s and 90’s music recommended for its kitschness.

Image source: Instantgram user derekblasberg

Image source: Instantgram user derekblasberg









  1. Selena Gomez’s Gypsy Party

Leaving out Justin Bieber’s unbelievably ugly leopard print car and the oriental dancers, which is an easy to copy party. Try long floral skirts, sequined crop tops, chunky jewelry, scarves and flower head bands. However, as is the case for many themed parties, it gets a bit less obvious for the guys since they would probably have to buy something like a fake moustache or a floral or glittering shirt. If you’re based in Brussels, try the shops inside the Galeries Agora near Central Station. Of course, you can always borrow a golden hoop from a girlfriend…


Source: Hello magazine

  1. David Sacks’s “Let them eat cake” party

I admit it is hard to compete with the money spent for that party. In 2012 Yammer CEO David Sacks received 350 people to his 40th birthday party. According to Business Insider, the costume shops from San Francisco to Los Angeles ran out of 18th-century French dresses and suits. Some guests had gowns custom-sewn for the occasion and, allegedly, the party cost around $1.4 million. You could host your own “Let them eat cake” or “Royalty and Revolution” party with much less. If you’re still willing to spend some money, you can invest on anything with lace, maybe a petticoat, lots of pearls and a wig. A tower of macarons, some bottles of pink champagne and some lace would be enough to complete the decor. Some bottles of the Guillotine beer would be enough for that little “Revolution” twist. If you don’t want to invest in clothes and wigs you can always go for some props like these Marie Antoinette printables.

Victoria Hervey

Source: Business Insider

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